Our Teaching Methodology

Momentum helps students to have a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals and basic concepts. It is our teaching methodology that removes the pebbles off the road, making the road smooth for the IIT/PMT aspirants. Our weekly tests and evaluation process have been designed to assist students in recognizing their academic strengths and weaknesses and further help them to overcome their weaknesses while firmly holding onto their strengths. At Momentum, our entire curriculum is arranged with the essentials for success in IIT/PMT. The monitoring team at Momentum measures vital academic skills of students in fundamentals, problem areas & test related performances (i.e. time management, examination temperament etc.).

Momentum Training Schedule Includes

Prime attention on clarification of concepts from basic & fundamental to advanced level.
Weekly tests with complete analyses at every stage of preparation to identify the weakness of students and helping them to overcome the same.
All India Test Series.
Regular Problem Classes for doubt removal.
Giving time management tips and arranging Motivational Classes to overcome exam fear and stress.
Regular parent-teacher’s meeting regarding the performance of the students.
Providing career counseling and all information & guidance about forms for various entrance examinations for IIT/PMT. COMPLETE MAIRING, i.e. providing the right supervision at the right time.

The Real Torchbearers: Our Teachers

The teachers at Momentum are its real assets. They are specialists in their subjects. Being the torchbearers, they feel that success is not the exclusive domain of a chosen few. The magnificence of a diamond can only be appreciated when it has been prized out of the rocks and polished with perfection. Momentum students are excelling largely due to our superior teaching methodology, dedication, and commitment of our faculty.

Systematic Approach

IIT/PMT exams require a very systematic preparation & it tests the fundamentals of the subject & the ability of the students to think logically and systematically. It examines their basics, logical aspects &their ability to apply fundamentals to multi-conceptual problems. The teaching methodology at Momentum offers the students a very methodically designed core curriculum with a stepwise theory teaching & testing the learned concepts.

Skills, Tools & Education

Students should learn to achieve their goals rapidly , identify & remove unconscious interference patterns to widen their concept of what is possible for them – yes, you can have more -triumph & winning spirit. Change PROBLEM CORE BELIEFS that interfere with their Goal Achievement. Momentum will back their goals and their actions towards those highly desired goals. This is the most powerful step in our coaching system. Momentum not only provides knowledge but also lets them know some exclusive exam tips! Tracking allows us to see if the students are taking the action, they delineated to accomplish their goals.

Individual Problem Solving Classes

Each student is given personal attention. Momentum’s faculty members are committed to provide an environment that stimulates interaction since that is the best way to learn. Classes are restricted to small strengths to ensure a higher grade of personal attention. The students will get to know their teachers personally participating better in the one-to-one learning. They will also have the opportunity to explore the rudiments of the subject, which are the cornerstones of IIT/PMT preparation.

Doubt Removal Class

It is quite necessary that the entire students advance in the syllabus with full confidence & all their doubts be addressed properly & well in time. The teaching method at Momentum has the indispensable constituent of regular doubt removal sessions for the problems in the study material, daily practice papers, & tests.

Daily Practice Papers

Hard work is crucial for IIT/PMT. Momentum provides DAILY PRACTICE PARERS on the topics taught on the same day to help the students grasp the knowledge as soon as possible. This automatically makes the students inculcate in them the habit of regular hard work in a very encouraging style.

Regular Testing

In IIT/PMT, it becomes very significant that the students have a proper examination temperament and different approach to the subject than most of the other exams. The weekly tests designed by the faculty of Momentum train the students to construct the temperament & the knack of facing IIT/PMT. To solve the typical IIT/PMT entrance problems they have to think in many dimensions as the process of configuration of IIT/PMT entrance paper is complex. Correspondingly, the study material of Momentum exposes them to such multi – conceptual problems & the practice problems given by the faculty reinforce their understanding & applications of concepts & basics.

Support & Championing

The coaching process at Momentum provides appreciation & recognition for the changes made by the students and assists them in getting more acknowledgment from them to strengthen & secure those changes. This accelerates success process in IIT/PMT.