Foundation Course

In this highly competitive era, every aspirant aiming for institutions like IIT / PMT must join foundation course of Momentum immediately after passing class 10th. This is a two year class room program addressing the board exam as well as the competitive exams. As a matter of practice the teaching methodology of lays emphasis on the basic concepts, which is still given more stress in foundation course to bridge the jumping difference between the curriculum difference of 10th and 11th level.Foundation course of Momentum is necessary to uplift the knowledge of 11th/12th students to IIT / PMT level gradually by putting a strong foundation. The main focus of the foundation course is to develop solid foundation of concepts and fundamentals, sharpen analytical thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills of the students, essential for success in competitive examination.

Foundation Course Includes

  • Fundamental of previous classes.
  • ¬†Entire NCERT syllabus
  • Test and discussion of NCERT questions.
  • Daily practice paper
  • Weekly test and discussion.
  • Study materials as per NCERT and competitive exams.
  • IIT (Mains + Advance) / PMT syllabus (Only for Foundation)
  • Exercises with explanatory solutions.