1. Problem Class Top

Every 15th day of the month, Momentum organizes problem class just like fee date. On that day, there is no regular class, only problem classes are held. However, if students have no problem then, classes runs properly according to the schedule i.e., there is no holiday on that day.

There is an old saying “If you ask a question then you may appear to be a fool for some time but if you don’t ask then you will remain a fool for the entire life.” In problem class, we encourage the students to ask their questions and doubts. For this, we have dedicated teachers in each subject who are available to the students for free interaction. Other than this, a student may interact with the concerned teacher before, after the classes, or at any prefixed time as decided by the teacher and the student on regular days, if necessary.

2. Motivational Class Top

To crack IIT/PMT examinations, students require not only sufficient knowledge and skills but also a self-belief to do so.Hence, Momentum also organizes special motivational classes to develop self-confidence in students. The intensive classroom program of Momentum is highly compact, directional and designed in a way that the student gains confidence in a very small duration of time.

3. Study Materials Top

Momentum provides study materials for every chapter at the completion of the chapter in the classroom. The study materials of Momentum cover all the fundamentals of the topics and go progressively towards the competitive aspect of the same topic. The main feature of Momentum Study Materials is its solved questions. The explanatory solution is given for all the questions given in Momentum Study Materials. Its assignments are segregated in different categories like;

1. Conceptual Questions.
2. Objective Questions having only one option correct.
3. Objective Questions having more than one option correct.
4. Assertion Reason Based Questions.
5. Passage Based Questions.
6. Matrix Match Type Questions.
7. Subjective and NCERT Questions for Foundation (11th and 12th) and Prefoundation (9th and 10th) Students.
8. Previous Years IIT-JEE/PMT Questions, etc

The Momentum study materials are so systematically designed that it addresses the needs of an average student as well a brilliant student. A student might use Momentum study material as notes to perform well in the school examinations while the same study material will also satiate the intellectual appetite of a competition-oriented child for IIT/PMT.

4. Library Facility Top

Momentum has a huge collection of quality book in its library. Momentum’s library has many books of all known reworded authors across the globe. This huge pile of books is absolutely free for students of Momentum. They can take any book they want for a week from library to enhance their knowledge and make their seat confirm in any reputed institution of IIT/NEET in India.

5. Conductive Infrastructure Top

Momentum has round the clock power supply, huge internal parking, & movement space, and air-conditioned classrooms equipped with all modern facilities like students monitoring under CCTV camera. This makes the internal classroom atmosphere highly stimulating for the students and the teachers of Momentum. We strongly believe that good classroom atmosphere not only catalyzes effective learning but also stimulates the child to do all his work in a systematic and directional way.

6. Hostel Facility Top

There are several private hostels just a walking distance from Momentum. These hostels are separate for boys and girls. Hostels are available from Rs.3ooo/month onward.

7. Periodic Test Top

In Momentum we pay our all attention on the growth of students. For keeping an eye on it we designed a new concept of periodic test. Here in Momentum we take weekly test of every subject. We also keep a record of the numbers scored by the students in every subject. These records help us to keep a track on the progress of students.

8. DPP (Daily Practice Paper) Top

DPP stands for daily practice paper. Here in Momentum we provide a sheet of question daily related to topic covered previous day. These sheets contain 25-30 questions, after providing the sheet we give an explanatory solution of every question two days later.